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highs, lows, and color everywhere

Rooted in songwriting, Jayme Ivison delivers a rustic honesty with ambience, soaring vocals, rich production, and edgy pop dynamics.  Uniting seemingly competing qualities - visceral while intellectual, complex while raw - enveloped in layers and surprises throughout, the artist's music flows directly from a color-filled life story of challenge, resilience, and grace.   In a garage in south Ft. Worth, Texas, four year old Jayme Ivison begins a lifelong friendship with the guitar.  "Apparently, my dad and uncle were sitting in the garage learning a song they called "Honkey Tonk" while I played with Hot Wheels toy cars.  When they left for a smoke break, I somehow grabbed that big ole '57 Gretsch guitar.  When they came back in , I was working out what they had been messing with... simple rock & roll blues in E."

Studying songs from various genres as a child, he eventually began composing as a teenager.  Now from his writing barn and studio, The Rockpile,  just north of Austin, Texas, Ivison composes and records almost constantly.  After several years of self imposed hiatus from  the public side of music releasing and performing,  Jayme Ivison is set for a string of releases.  In a very unique turn of events, the forthcoming deep catalog of new original music opens with a cover song - Ivison's intimate piano and vocal take on Bob Marley's "Is This Love".  

"On a random Tuesday morning, I awoke with a swell of emotion rising within me. I shuffled to my old upright piano. As if from out of nowhere, this deep and unexpected expression poured out.  It just happened.  I had never before played or sang this great cover song. It just simply moved through me. Like a lot of folks, I'm still uncovering the profoundness of Bob Marley's musical and cultural influence.  He was a genius at capturing our shared human emotions and questions.  His music brings us together and helps us unify around our common experiences.  I'm grateful to have interacted with Marley's timeless work within my own soul and in my own way, and I'm very honored to get to share that experience with others."

This track was arranged, performed, and recorded by Jayme Ivison at The Rockpile,  mixed by Andy D. Park in Seattle, WA, and mastered by Jeff Lipton in Boston, MA.

Ivison's music offers a fresh yet familiar sound, with vocals that travel from a haunting falsetto of songs like “Stay Up", "Ni Su Nave", and 2024 release "Keep Us Around", to a deep candor of story telling, a belt-it-out intensity, or straight-forward pop sensibility.

With several singles and a full album coming in 2024, Ivison reemerges from years in the writing shed and recording studio with new art and new passion.  A preview of some forthcoming releases introduces lush string arrangements, solid rhythms, new landscapes, and colorful stories.

As a prolific songwriter, Jayme Ivison embraces genre strengths, while boldly stretching boundaries to serve listeners with an accessible path to unique new experiences.  His evocative writing and production style have been a natural fit for film and TV placements. Warm tones and thoughtful lyrics provoke questions of love, faith, waiting, and wanting – a hopeful longing that is at times reassuring, excruciating, and beautiful.  Ivison's music invites listeners to clear agendas, simply give in, stop the world for a bit, and just glide.